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We are hiring part or full-time psychologists and therapists to see clients via telehealth and/or in person!

We are now hiring!

We are hiring therapists to see clients via telehealth and/or in person! We are hiring for W-2 positions, which come with a number of benefits (retirement benefit, paid time off, administrative support, and more). Please read through the below Q&A’s to learn more about our practice and to see if you may be a good fit to join our team.

What is it like to work for your practice?

We are a practice that prioritizes effective and compassionate care for our clients. We also know that when therapists  have work-life balance, they are happier and provide an elevated standard of care. Our value of work-life balance translates to our team and benefits in a number of ways, including extensive support for working with the clients and challenges for which you have a passion. We will support you in identifying your ideal caseload, and recognize that ideal caseloads can shift over time as therapists gain experience and expertise. We prioritize a sense of wellness and balance. When therapists work with the clients with whom they have expertise and interest, manage their schedule, and routinely take (paid!) time off, we are happier, and our clients do better.

Why would I join a group when I can work solo?

This is an essential question every therapist must ask themselves, and it is a great one! There are values driven and pragmatic answers to this question that may help you think about it.

Values/Quality of Work-life

For many of us, when we consider tackling the work of a private practice, we may not want to work alone. We do intense, demanding, and life changing work, and it can be stressful and lonely. One of the wonderful things about joining a group is the collegiality that comes from working amongst a team of like-minded individuals. We each strive to offer our clients the best care we can. To serve that mission, we offer (paid!) attendance to weekly (DBT or general) consultation team meetings. These are outstanding opportunities to learn from each other. In each meeting, we present challenging clinical and administrative situations and offer support to one another as well as, when appropriate, alternative strategies to consider. We often collaborate with each other on cases, each of us seeing different members of one family, and consultation team serves as a regular time to check in with each other so we can offer the best care to these families.


There are numerous podcasts and groups online that will support you in starting and running your private practice. You absolutely can do it. That said, working for yourself in private practice entails much more than just showing up for your sessions and calling it a day. There are a lot of organizational details to manage in running a practice, and endless decisions that must be made. When you work in a group, you are freed of the pressure of much of the extraneous workload that comes with the management side of a practice. In particular, GPS therapists are provided support with billing, managing phone calls (intake screenings, etc), organizational paperwork, space and supplies, and much more.

What sort of candidate are you looking for?

Our therapists excel at building a therapeutic alliance with their clients, and they are interested in offering the best treatment to clients that are suffering. Thus, our therapists have a lot of heart. In addition, each of us has a striving towards We are looking for therapists that have a spirit of “perpetual student” within. If you are interested in what works well in clinical practice, and are striving to develop yourself as a therapist, we may be a fit for you. For this reason, we are often a great fit for those who work or have worked within academic settings. We are also a great fit for individuals newer to the field who want a blend of autonomy and support to continue to grow their skills. Many of us have been or currently are still attached to university life, whether as a supervisor or tackling a new area of study. If you are a research fellow, faculty member, or postdoc who loves his/her/their research but misses the rewards of clinical work, you will feel at home here.

If you feel you may be a fit to work with us, I encourage you to apply. I am looking for part or full time licensed (or license-eligible) therapists (PhDs, LCSWs, and/or MDs) to offer empirically based and compassionately delivered individual and/or group psychotherapy.


Paid time off


Retirement Benefits

phone line specifically for clients

access to a terrific EHR

administrative support and more

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