Frequently Asked Questions


You and the clinical coordinator work this out together. Sometimes people reach out to us with very clear preferences about who they would like to work with. This is great, and in some cases scheduling/availability and fit of therapist and client align seamlessly. At other times, the person that you hope to work with may not have availability, and/or may not have expertise in the particular issue that brings you in. Certain challenges, like social anxiety, eating disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, are most effectively (and rapidly!) treated with providers who have specialized training, and we may have only one or two people that are able to provide effective care for those issues. Certain other challenges are a great fit for many of us. For example, several of us enjoy working with college students with intense emotions, and are trained to help with this. Rest assured that all of our therapists are excellent, and we will not place you with a therapist in our practice if we do not believe they can be of help. We will, however, do our best to give you names of people that we think may be a better fit!

First and foremost, we focus on the goals that you bring to us. It is important to us that your therapist has specific training and experience that is relevant to your particular goals. After that, we consider your specific preferences, and we absolutely consider what has worked, or hasn’t worked, for you in the past.

To make an appointment, please fill out the form below. After completing the form, please be sure to follow the prompts to schedule a call with our practice director or intake coordinator to discuss next steps.

Insurance and Billing

We are an out of network provider and will provide an itemized invoice that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. You can contact your insurance company directly to inquire about its reimbursement policy for out-of-network behavioral health treatment or our billing team can do a one-time verification of benefits for a $10.00 service fee.


One strategy is to call the number on the back of your insurance card and ask for a representative. Please note you will be given a lot of information, we encourage you to write things down. You will want to get answers to the following questions:

  1. Do I have out of network benefits?
  2. Do I have an out of network deductible?
  3. How much is my deductible and how much has been met to date?
  4. What is my co-insurance?
  5. Do I have out of network benefits for telehealth services?


Questions/inquiries can be directed to ASM by calling or texting 518-303-6399, or emailing If you wish, ASM can submit claims to your insurance plan weekly for out-of-network reimbursement (as applicable). If you elect this service, a $5.00 per date-of-service fee will be invoiced monthly and charged to your card on file.

If you are not sure if you have out-of-network coverage on your insurance plan, ASM can do a one-time verification of benefits for a $10.00 service fee.

Submitting an out of network receipt is what is required if you wish to utilize out of network benefits provided by your managed care provider. If your managed care provider offers out of network benefits, they will ask you to submit a certain type of receipt for your services called a superbill. Our electronic medical system uses the title statement for insurance reimbursement; this is exactly the same as a superbill. Each superbill must include a CPT, or procedure code, a diagnosis, and information about the location you received services. This document also includes the National Provider ID of your therapist and of the practice.

You should receive a superbill in your email on the first of each month that captures the previous month of services. The superbill is automatically released from our electronic medical records system, and comes from a “noreply” email from the software program. Superbills are emailed to the email address that you first used when you completed your intake paperwork. If you do not receive this in your inbox, it may mean that the superbill landed in your junk mailbox, or it may mean that we mistakenly did not check on a specific box when we got you set up in our system. Billing questions/inquiries can be directed to ASM by calling or texting 518-303-6399, or emailing

Our practice is supported by ASM Support, LLC. The ASM team is available to assist you with any billing/payment questions. Questions/inquiries can be directed to our billing team by calling or texting 518-303-6399, or emailing

After a claim is submitted, the insurance company will process it. If you are utilizing your out of network benefits and you have a deductible, you must meet the deductible before your managed care provider will process any reimbursement. Thus, if you have a deductible, the total amount of the claim will be applied to your out of network deductible. If you don’t have a deductible (or if you do and it has been met), the insurance will process the claim according to the benefits in your plan, and in most cases you will be mailed a check. In some cases your managed care provider may have alternate ways of reimbursement (e.g. direct deposit to your bank account). In very rare cases, checks can be accidentally mailed to GPS. If this occurs, we will call you to find out if you’d like to apply it as a credit to your account or if you’d prefer us to mail you a check.

Therapy Services

During the course of therapy, you and your therapist will discuss what goals you’d like to achieve. These goals are related to the issues that bring you to therapy in the first place.

If your child is struggling from social or generalized anxiety, OCD, or selective mutism, we have a child psychologist who can help. If your adolescent is struggling with emotion dysregulation, general discontent, isolation, anxiety, loneliness, and more, we can help. Fill out this form and we will be in touch shortly.

If you are a new mom and find yourself struggling with either postpartum or perinatal difficulties, mood swings, and other symptoms, we encourage you to reach out to us for therapeutic support. Fill out this form and we will be in touch shortly.

Couples Counseling

Couples therapy is not intended to be an open-ended treatment. Our therapists ask that couples make a 3 to 4 month commitment to this treatment, meeting once per week for 50-60 minutes.


DBT offers an empirically validated set of skills to help individuals live a more centered life. DBT works by teaching skills in the following areas: mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance.

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