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Here are Guilford Psychological Services, compassion and science set us apart! When we study why therapy works, it is primarily because both client and therapist experience a spirit of collaboration and shared goals, while also feeling understood. But collaborative, compassionate therapy is not always enough. There are certain experiences, thoughts, emotions, and challenges that more efficiently and effectively respond to specific strategies. In those cases, the science of psychology offers us an abundance of options we can use to help. We have therapists that work with anyone from children to adults, as well as couples. Our therapists are trained in empirically supported approaches such as DBT, mindfulness, CBT, ERP, as well as trauma focused therapies.

Collaborative Compassionate Therapy is Not Always Enough.

We Value Continued Education and Consultation

A practice where there is a range of expertise offers all of us the opportunity to develop in other areas. We regularly pursue outside trainings in our areas of interest, and we each participate in regular consultation meetings in order to be sure we are offering our clients the most efficient and effective therapy possible.

Are you ready to take the first step towards feeling better?

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Are you ready to take the first step towards feeling better?​