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Collaborative Compassionate Therapy is Not Always Enough.

An essential piece of great therapy is when both parties can utilize a spirit of collaboration. There are shared goals and feeling understood. But, some experiences, thoughts, emotions more efficiently and effectively respond to specific techniques. In those cases, the science of psychology offers us an abundance of options we can use to help. Decades of psychological literature point us towards strategies that work.

Our Therapists are Trained in Empirically Supported Approaches

For all of our clients, our therapists pay careful attention to meeting your particular therapy needs by offering a personalized, evidence-based approach.

Several of us are intensively trained in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). We utilize mindfulness-based approaches for anxiety and depression. We also offer cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for anxiety, OCD, panic, among other challenging issues. Several of us are trained in specific therapies for trauma: trauma focused CBT, EMDR, prolonged exposure, and the DBT protocol for trauma, DBT-PE.

We encourage you to meet our team of therapists to learn more about their training and areas of expertise.


Compassion, empathy, and a spirit of shared goals are essential for healing emotional distress.


Therapy is most effective and efficient when it is scientifically informed therapy.

We Value Continued Education and Consultation

A practice where there is a range of expertise offers all of us the opportunity to develop in other areas. We regularly pursue outside trainings in our areas of interest, and we each participate in regular consultation meetings in order to be sure we are offering our clients the most efficient and effective therapy possible.

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Are you ready to take the first step towards feeling better?​