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We offer Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Couples Therapy and more for individuals across the lifespan.

Have you been struggling?

A lot of people have been in a lot of pain this past year. Our capacity for resilience is absolutely incredible, but the stressors of this past year have taxed everyone. We are seeing dramatic increases in individuals with anxiety, depression, and worry that their emotions are out of control. Feeling like your emotions are taking over is scary, can be lonely, and can lead to feelings of helplessness. Overwhelming emotions, whether anxiety, fear, of feeling like something isn’t right (and you can’t quite articulate what) tell us that something is amiss. You can feel better, but you need a space to make sense of what is going on, to catch your breath and find your way back to yourself. We welcome you to join us in that space; in this space, we can help you find ways to decrease the overwhelm, and feel your feet underneath you again.

We can help! Compassion & Science set us apart.

When we study why therapy works, it is primarily because both client and therapist experience a spirit of collaboration and shared goals, while also feeling understood. But collaborative, compassionate therapy is not always enough. There are certain experiences, thoughts, emotions, and challenges that more efficiently and effectively respond to specific strategies.  In those cases, the science of psychology offers us an abundance of options we can use to help.


Compassion, empathy, and a spirit of shared goals are essential for healing emotional distress.


Therapy is most effective and efficient
when it is scientifically informed therapy.

Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion.

~ Buddha