Megan Warner, PhD

Founder of GPS, Clinical Psychologist


Welcome! I am a licensed clinical psychologist and the founder of Guilford Psychological Services. Strong emotions can be triggered by time of transition, uncertainty, and change. My clients have described feeling disconnected from who they are or what they want. I know that this can feel frustrating and painful, and I also know that there are specific strategies that, tailored to your needs and style, can help you find your way. I have watched time and time again as clients learn to find and listen to their own voice, to take strategic steps to honor themselves and their needs, and begin to heal.  If you have been struggling, I am here to help. Call me and let’s get started!


Life can be challenging to navigate and we can often feel out of control. This loss of control can lead to thoughts and feelings that leave you saying “this isn’t me, but why am I like this?” Confusion, feeling misunderstood and frustration are normal reactions that can leave you feeling even more anxious, afraid and helpless. It doesn’t matter who you are, we are all living, working and trying to figure things out the best we can.


I have taken a special interest in trauma. Many of my clients have experienced a specific trauma whether as a result of being in military combat, surviving sexual assault, or a traumatic loss. Trauma can be long-lasting or prolonged, or stemmed from abuse in childhood or adulthood. Such forms of trauma can result from emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. People reach out to me when they are feeling ready to feel better. Trauma can often leave people feeling confused about their own experiences. This may lead to their struggle with trusting themselves and others. Therapy can bring clarity, calmness, and hope.


I also work with women who are engaged in every stage of motherhood. This includes women who are contemplating on becoming mothers, those who are in all stages of the perinatal and postpartum period, and mother who are well into partnership and parenthood. Motherhood is an intense time of transition. Personalized support through the experience can help. Sometimes women develop anxiety and mood disorders and other mental health challenges during pregnancy or the postpartum period.  If this is happening to you or someone you know, please encourage them to visit a therapist to be assessed and potentially treated. Perinatal and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders are real, they can be very scary, and they are absolutely treatable. No woman should suffer in silence, and if you are suffering, you need not suffer alone. I can help, and if I cannot help for any reason, I will find you someone that can.

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