Abigail Gunn, LPC


I believe that every human being has a viable reason driving his/her/their feeling, behavior, and thought. Throughout our lifespan, we must adapt to new experiences and circumstances, and sometimes those adaptions, which served us well in one season, are no longer as useful in another season. The tools we had in childhood are different than the tools we have in adulthood.  It can be deeply disorienting and upsetting when we attempt to use strategies that once helped us get through life, and then, for whatever reason, the strategies no longer work. Alternatively, sometimes our approaches may still work in certain ways, or for others in our lives, but they don’t feel internally aligned, or comfortable, anymore. In order to change our experience of ourselves in the world, we must first build understanding and empathy around why we are the way we are.  As Carl Rogers, a highly celebrated psychologist said, “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I change.”


It can be hard to be human. I work with individuals who wonder if there might something wrong with them. They worry that they are not like others, and that they aren’t living their lives as they are supposed to. Others may be confident with who they are, but struggle to connect their sense of themselves with other aspects of their world. I like to work with individuals that identify with non-normative experience – people who aren’t, or who feel like they aren’t  “doing it like everyone else.”

I provide affirming and holistic care to individuals, couples, and multi-partner relationships around issues of grief and loss, significant life changes, anxiety, depression, and interpersonal challenges. I tend to be an active therapist and have a pragmatic approach to my work. I will align with you to identify what is causing you pain, confusion, or discomfort and, together, we will discover and process what we find in a safe and sustaining environment. Our process can take work but it is valuable and you will not be in it alone.