Our Philosophy:
Compassionate Therapy, Scientifically Designed

When we study why therapy works, it is primarily because both client and therapist experience a spirit of collaboration. There are shared goals and feeling understood.

But collaborative, compassionate therapy is not always enough.

There are certain experiences, thoughts, emotions, and challenges that more efficiently and effectively respond to specific strategies.  In those cases, the science of psychology offers us an abundance of options we can use to help. Decades of psychological literature point us towards strategies that work.

Our therapists are trained in empirically supported approaches. These include mindfulness-based approaches for anxiety, depression, and trauma. Others that are often used are dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive-behavior therapy, and prolonged-exposure.

These empirical scientific therapies help you if you are feeling sad, anxious, and confused. Our therapists use these approaches when you are unsure of what to do next. If you are feeling bad, there are things we can do together that will help. All of us at GPS bring a balance of compassion and a practical understanding for the science of our field. This combination is what makes us unique as a team. We believe that this approach is the quickest way to relief… and to feeling better.

We would like to get to know you and help you find a good fit with therapy approaches that are effective for you.

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