Tenesha Patrick Brooks

I work with couples, families, and individuals experiencing distress. My primary work with couples and families is to help partners and families decrease conflict and strengthen connections. When relationships are stronger, they are more resilient and less vulnerable to stress and pressure.  For example, navigating a child’s mental or physical health condition places additional strain on a couple already working to manage parenting challenges while prioritizing their relationship. I offer the couples I work with specific skills and strategies to foster connection, strengthening their relationship with each other and, when applicable, to their children.

I work with individuals across the lifespan, particularly those facing the challenges of transitions.  I support clients from childhood through adulthood that want to find meaning, feel less stressed or overwhelmed, and feel better about life and it’s potential. Young children and adolescents can be overwhelmed trying to make sense of parents divorcing,  stressed about changing friendships, and overwhelmed by school, whether it be due to academic demands, peer pressures, bullying, or other issues. For younger children, I offer play therapy, a modality that allows them to express themselves and to learn new ways of coping.

The adults that I work with have experienced recent changes that have thrown life off balance. Often, adults are surprised or disappointed when reality does not match expectations. My adult clients are parents struggling with their new or changing roles, recent graduates and professionals with challenging employment situations, retirees trying to find purpose outside of their career, and individuals at the height of their career experiencing disillusionment. The clients I work with often ask themselves, why do I feel this way? The people I work with may feel down, disappointed, or fearful of the future.


I work with clients to insert hope into seemingly hopeless situations.  Therapy can be a place to find constancy, a safe place to land. I help clients identify the options that are available to them and learn ways to deal with difficult emotions.  We work together to make feelings more manageable and find solutions to distressing problems. I help clients to understand the mind-body connection of stress and use evidence based strategies such as Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Play Therapy, and Gottman Method Couples Therapy. I work with clients to find the strength and confidence to move forward, to make the choices that fit with their values and goals.  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, with licenses in Massachusetts and Connecticut, and a Masters of Social Work degree from Boston University.

To schedule with Tenesha, call: (203)453-2220 ext 4 or email her at tpatrick@guilfordpsych.com